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The Junge DGGV (“Young DGGV”, JDGGV) is a newly founded group of young geoscientists within the DGGV, bringing together students, young professionals, as well as doctoral students and postdocs. There is no precise age limit. Instead, all young scientists and young professionals are invited to participate. The group’s aim is to foster networking to exchange experiences and to facilitate the entry into the world of geosciences. Here, we dedicate ourselves to typical questions that young geoscientists are facing during their early careers as well as to the planning of various projects and events for professional knowledge transfer or just for fun.

For whom is the JDGGV intended?

    Have you just started at your geosciences school and would you like to know what kind of opportunities are opening up for you along with it?
    Or are you about to finish your studies and would you like to find out more about your early career possibilities?
    Would you like to stay at university as a doctoral student or postdoc and do you have questions about the application and financing of your project?
    Are you already in employment and would you like to exchange ideas with other young professionals?
    Or are you just looking for other young peers from your scientific community with whom you would like to network and to discuss current issues?

The JDGGV is exactly the place you have been looking for then!

The JDGGV as a steppingstone into your professional community

Being well connected opens new horizons, e.g. when looking for an internship or job position as well as looking into the realization of a project or solving technical questions. For this reason, the JDGGV primarily supports young geoscientists in gaining access to the professional community and to establish their own network. In addition to the exchange within the JDGGV, we also foster the networking with all other members and sections of the DGGV.

Which other benefits are waiting for you within the JDGGV?

Beyond the benefits of a DGGV membership, the JDGGV offers you interesting opportunities. The various offers of the JDGGV will take place both as face-to-face events, e.g. in the form of excursions, lectures and pre-conference warm-up meetings, as well as in a digital setting, e.g. as video conferences and online workshops.

Meetings and Conferences

Conferences are only for people with longstanding professional experience and a high level of expertise, right? – Not at all!

Are you working on an interesting project as part of your bachelor or master thesis and would you like to present your results to a wider audience? No problem: There are junior sessions at various conferences giving the next generation of geoscientists the opportunity to present themselves and their work.

Are you registered for a conference for the first time and unsure about what to expect and how to get in touch with the other participants? In order to ensure you a smooth start into the day-to-day conference routine, the JDGGV organizes pre-conference warm-up-meetings, at which you will receive the latest conference news and schedules and mingle with other young participants in a relaxed atmosphere.


In addition to the conference offers, the JDGGV also organizes various excursions with a special emphasis on gaining a better understanding of the geology of Germany. Larger excursions abroad are also planned. Depending on the duration and size of the excursion, the costs incurred can partially be borne by the DGGV, e.g. for accommodation or possible entry and travel fees. When selecting the excursion destinations, all members of the JDGGV are invited to submit suggestions. Do you know interesting outcrops in your region and would you like to present them? Then just get in touch at and we will plan an exciting excursion together.

Digital regulars' table

In order to stay in contact and to be able to exchange ideas outside of conferences and excursions, the JDGGV organizes a digital get-together on the second Thursday of each month. In the form of a video conference, there is the opportunity to discuss current issues, listening to interesting presentations and meeting again old and new faces.

How can I become a JDGGV member?

Every early career member of the DGGV can become part of the JDGGV. Just send us an email to, in which you briefly introduce yourself and give a short outline of your current studies or job position. No further formal registration is required. Membership in the JDGGV does not incur any additional costs.

Every JDGGV member is cordially invited to participate in the development and realization of the various activities the JDGGV has to offer.

We look forward to meeting you and your ideas!




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