Datum Titel Autoren
2021 Combined architectural-element and microfacies analyses in carbonate sedimentology: the intra-basin shoal complex of the Lower Muschelkalk (Rüdersdorf Formation, Anisian) Fabian Käsbohrer, Matthias Franz
2021 Carbonate microfacies and transgressive-regressive cycles of Oxfordian shallow-water limestones (Korallenoolith, Lower Saxony Basin) Deyan Zhang, Stefan Huck, Ulrich Heimhofer
2021 Sedimentology of the Bromacker (Thuringian Forest Basin, Germany; early Permian): Classification of sedimentary structures Frank Scholze
2021 Petrography and geochemistry of the Middle–Upper Jurassic Banik section, northernmost Iraq – Implications for palaeoredox, evaporitic and diagenetic conditions Nagham Omar1, Tom McCann1, Ali I. Al- Juboury2, Sven Oliver Franz1
2021 Petrographic characterisation of the Algeciras Unit, Campo de Gibraltar Complex, S Spain Heike Koch, Tom McCann
2021 Facies analysis and petrography of Permian sandstones - key for stratigraphy and depositional environment of a new tetrapod track site (Southern Permian Basin, Germany) Sebastian Germann1, Jörg W. Schneider1,2, Birgit Gaitzsch1, Michael Buchwitz3
2021 What factors control the development of moats and their associated contourite drifts? Henriette Wilckens1, Elda Miramontes1, Tilmann Schwenk1, Thomas Lüdmann2, Christian Betzler2, Javier Hernandez-Molina3, Volkhard Spieß1, Antonio Cattaneo4
2021 Palaeofloral response to base level changes in the late Permian Bowen and Galilee basins (Australia) Alexander Wheeler1, Joan Sharon Esterle2, Annette Elizabeth Götz3
2021 Modelling the deposition of the phosphorite layers in Malta and reconstruction of the fauna Lars Tischer1, Emilia Jarochowska1, Or Bialik2, Fabian Jakob1, Ray Zammit3, Matthias López Correa1, Christian Schulbert1
2021 The Eocene-Oligocene Transition in intra-continental basins: A perspective from the Upper Rhine Graben Emile Simon1, Hendrik Vogel2, Mathieu Schuster1
2021 Biologic agents mediating matter-flow inside the porous igneous oceanic crust, Vesteris Seamount, Greenland Sea Hinrich Schmid-Beurmann1, Magnus Ivarsson2, Wolfgang Bach3, Wolf-Achim Kahl4, Jörn Peckmann1
2021 Sediment flux quantification across the Permian – Triassic boundary of the SE Germanic Basin: implications for climate recovery and sediment routing system analysis Domenico C. G. Ravidà1, Luca Caracciolo1, William A. Heins2, Harald Stollhofen1
2021 Paleoclimate reconstruction using Pleistocene paleosols along the middle Atbara River in Eastern Sudan M. Mohammednoor1,2,3, R. Bussert1, S. Tsukamoto4, M. Richter4, O. El Bedri5, B. Kraatz6, K. Salih7, J. Müller2, A. Eisawi7, F. Bibi
2021 Millennial variability, hydrological and limnological changes during MIS3-2 in Lake Petén Itzá, Guatemala. Rodrigo Martinez-Abarca1, Michelle Abstein1, Hoelzmann Philipp2, Thorsten Bauersachs3, Pérez Liseth1, Stockhecke Mona4, Cohuo Duran Sergio5, Macario Gonzalez Laura5, Schwalb Antje1
2021 Cementation rates of detrital platform carbonates and sequence stratigraphic implications Thomas Mann1, Hildegard Westphal2
2021 Sediment production under semi-arid climatic conditions using heavy mineral and petrographical data – a case study from the recent Kunene river system, northern Namibia. Jonas Kraus, Ali Abbas Wajid, Laura Stutenbecker, Matthias Hinderer
2021 Deposition of Subglacial Lake Sediments underneath the Laurentide Ice Sheet? – Sediment Cores from Lake Melville, Canada, provide first Evidence Sophie Kowalski1,2, Christian Ohlendorf1, Jens Matthiessen2, Andrea Catalina Gebhardt2
2021 Unique islets in SE Asia: How Holocene climate and sea-level controlled growth of a coral reef island Yannis Kappelmann1,2, Hildegard Westphal1,2, Dominik Kneer1, André Wizemann3, Thomas Mann4
2021 Granulometric and lithologic control on heavy mineral distribution in Alpine fluvial sediment Ariane Djahansouzi1, Laura Stutenbecker1, Daniela Krieg1, Christoph Glotzbach2
2021 Ecotoxicological effects of rare earth elements on early life stages of fish Piarulli, Stefania (1), Hansen, Bjørn Henrik (2), Fossum, Frida (3), Kermen, Florence (3)Kvæstad, Bjarne (4, 5), Farkas, Julia (6)
2021 Soil gas monitoring for identifying potential ground movements and earthquakes in the frame of mine flooding - Requirements, methods and developments Olaf Ukelis, Roman Zorn, Detlev Rettenmaier
2021 Lithospheric contact of the Western Carpathians with the Bohemian Massif in the light of seismic and new AlpArray gravity data Dominika Godová1,2, Miroslav Bielik1,2, Pavla Hrubcová3, Roman Pašteka2, Pavol Zahorec1, Juraj Papčo4
2021 Pre-processing of gravity data for 3 D-modelling of the lithospheric underground in the Ligurian Sea Philipp Tabelow, Hans-Jürgen Götze
2021 Gravity forward modelling and inversion based on the updated, enhanced gravity field solution in Antarctica Theresa Schaller1, Mirko Scheinert1, Philipp Zingerle2, Roland Pail2, Martin Willberg2
2021 Seismic Interpretation of a deltaic-fluviatil system within the Bückeberg-Formation (Berriasian, Lower Cretaceous, Lower Saxony Basin) Matthias Warnecke, Gesa Kuhlmann
2021 Light at the end of the well: A compact and low-cost DIY water level meter Nils Michelsen
2021 Utilising magnetic minerals to track and identify hydrocarbon migration pathways and source regions: a case study on the Beatrice Field, Inner Moray Firth, UK North Sea Joseph Richard Perkins, Adrian Muxworthy, Al Fraser
2021 Trace element partitioning between apatite and carbonatite melt at 800 °C and 200 MPa Haihao GUO, Fabrice Gaillard, Zineb Nabyl
2021 Drilling overdeepened (Eastern) Alpine Valleys and Basins Markus Fiebig1, Flavio Anselmetti2, Marius Büchi2, Gerald Gabriel3 Markus Fiebig1, Flavio Anselmetti2, Marius Büchi2, Gerald Gabriel3, Ernst Kroemer4, Frank Preusser5, Jürgen Reitner6, Sebastian Schaller2, Bennet Schuster2, David Tanner3, Ulrike Wielandt-Schuster7
2021 Element partitioning during hydrothermal alteration at ultramafic-hosted mineralized systems: insights from the fossil Marmorera-Cotschen hydrothermal system (Platta nappe, SE Switzerland) Rémi Coltat1, Philippe Boulvais2, Thomas Riegler3, Ewan Pelleter4, Yannick Branquet2,5
2021 Geology across borders - Towards a consistent interpretation of the subsurface in the Central North Sea covering the Dutch, German and Danish offshore areas. Hauke Thöle1, Fabian Jähne-Klingberg1, Maryke den Dulk2, Hans Doornenbal2, Finn Christian Jakobsen3, Peter Britze3
2021 An introduction to Landslide Susceptibility Assessment Tools - Project Manager Suite Nick Schüßler, Jewgenij Torizin, Michael Fuchs
2021 Comparison of radon and thoron exhalation and emanation in granites from Central Portugal Filipa P. Domingos1,2, Sérgio L. R. Sêco1, Alcides J. S. C. Pereira1,3
2021 Temperature and frequency-dependent magnetic susceptibility parameters: improving the reliability of archaeointensity in burnt clay ceramics Arnaldo Hernández Cardona1, Luis M. Alva Valdivia2
2021 Along-strike variations in the timing of exhumation in the eastern Peruvian Andes Sarah Falkowski, Todd A. Ehlers
2021 Mechanistic Insights of Mild Hematite Reduction in Hydrogen Storage Sites Sonja Keller, Christian Ostertag-Henning
2021 The image of geoscience among student teachers of geography Simon Schneider1, Richard Dahlbock2
2021 Historical Mine Plans meet Modern Remote Sensing Data – Knowledge and Geodata Management at the Research Center of Post-Mining Benjamin Haske, Julia Tiganj, Laura Klein
2021 Provenance shift at the northern margin of Gondwana during the Ordovician and Silurian recorded by detrital U-Pb zircon dating from the Eastern Alps Johannes Lukas1, Johanna Wolf1, Laura Stutenbecker1, Matthias Hinderer1, Hans Peter Schönlaub2, Jasper Berndt3
2021 Crustal structure and margin configuration of the La Baja Guajira basin, Colombia: regional 2D seismic reflection interpretation, gravimetric and thermal modelling Leidy Castro-Vera1,2, Ralf Littke1, Stefan Back1, Rocío Bernal-Olaya3
2021 Experimental simulations of hydrogen migration through potential storage rocks Bettina Strauch, Peter Pilz, Johannes Hierold, Martin Zimmer
2021 Peak Ring Magnetism: Rock- and mineral-magnetic properties of the Chicxulub impact crater Bruno Daniel Leite Mendes1, Agnes Kontny1, Ksenia Gaus1, Bonny Kuipers2, Mark Dekkers2
2021 Digging into Eocene hothouse climate variability: Linking X-ray fluorescence (XRF) scanning and palynology of Messel sediment cores Stefanie Kaboth-Bahr1,2, André Bahr2, Olaf Lenz3,4, Volker Wilde3, Sonja Wedmann5, Jörg Pross2
2021 Specifics of downhole logging data for time series analysis and cyclostratigraphy Christian Zeeden, Arne Ulfers, Mehrdad Sardar Abadi, Thomas Grelle, Katja Hesse, Katharina Leu, Thomas Wonik
2021 The temporal variability of sediment composition in modern rivers: provenance or grain size signal? Laura Stutenbecker, Nirmal Raila, Enrico Schwind, Dirk Scheuvens
2021 Constraining ore-forming processes of the sediment-hosted Dolostone Ore Formation copper-cobalt mineralization, northwestern Namibia: a sulfide trace element study Viktor Bertrandsson Erlandsson1, Daniela Wallner1, Rainer Ellmies2, Frank Melcher1, Johann G. Raith1
2021 Europe’s resilience on raw materials – how did GeoERA contribute Antje Wittenberg1, Daniel P. S. de Oliveira2, Lisbeth Flindt Jørgensen3, Tom Heldal4, F. Javier González Sanz5
2021 The Early Bird in STEM Education – The PepperMINT Project Lisa Michael, Tobias Rudolph
2021 Artificial Intelligence in Geosciences: Time for a paradigm shift Gunnar Lischeid
2021 Thrust and strike-slip fault control, in the late Eocene to Miocene, of Pindos foreland basin evolution: SE Aitoloakarnania area, western Greece. Vasiliki Zygouri1, Angelos Maravelis2, Elena Zoumpouli1, Chrysanthos Botziolis1, Avraam Zelilidis1
2021 Microbial H2 consumption at conditions relevant for H2 underground storage Anja Dohrmann, Martin Krüger
2021 Rock alteration at the post-Variscan nonconformity: implications for Permo-Carboniferous surface weathering versus burial diagenesis Fei Liang1, Adrian Linsel1, Matthias Hinderer1, Jens Hornung1, Dirk Scheuvens1, Rainer Petschick2
2021 First evidence from Lake Melville, Canada: Subglacial lake sediments underneath the Laurentide Ice Sheet? Sophie Kowalski1,2, Christian Ohlendorf1, Andrea Catalina Gebhardt2, Jens Matthiessen2
2021 Influence of Quaternary glaciations on subsurface temperatures and pressures in NE onshore Netherlands Sebastian Amberg1, Victoria Sachse1, Stefan Back2, Ralf Littke1
2021 Reconstruction of Miocene geodynamics in the Central Alps using detrital garnet geochemistry in sandstones of the Swiss foreland basin Daniela Krieg, Laura Stutenbecker
2021 Megathrust shear force limits mountain height at convergent plate boundaries Armin Dielforder1, Ralf Hetzel2, Onno Oncken3
2021 Force-balance changes at the subduction-to-collision transition and implications for mountain building Armin Dielforder, Andrea Hampel
2021 Exhumation and erosion rates in the flat-topped Nock Mountains in the Eastern Alps constrained by low-temperature and cosmogenic 10Be data Andreas Wölfler1, Andrea Hampel1, Christoph Glotzbach2, István Dunkl3
2021 Slip rate of the Danghe Nan Shan thrust fault from 10Be exposure dating of folded river terraces: Implications for the strain distribution in northern Tibet Qiang Xu1, Ralf Hetzel2, Andrea Hampel3, Reinhard Wolff2
2021 Postglacial slip distribution along the Teton normal fault, northeastern Basin-and-Range Province (Wyoming, USA) derived from tectonically offset geomorphological features Andrea Hampel1, Ralf Hetzel2, Maria-Sophie Erdmann2
2021 Climatic Fluctuations in the Early and Middle Copper Age - First Isotope Investigations at the Water Supply of Los Millares in SE Spain Anorte Elisabeth Jakowski1, Andrea Schröder-Ritzrau2, José Miguel Alonso Blanco3
2021 Contrasting intensity of aragonite dissolution in glacial vs. interglacial intervals of a sea-level controlled subtropical carbonate succession Lars Reuning1, Hanaa Deik2, Benjamin Petrick1, Hideko Takayanagi3, Yasufumi Iryu3, Margot Courtillat4, Maria-Angela Bassetti4
2021 Internal Architecture of a carbonate ramp exposed to high amplitude sea-level fluctuations: Evidence from the NW shelf of Australia Maximilian Hallenberger1, Lars Reuning2, Stefan Back1, Stephen J. Gallagher3, Hokuto Iwatani4, Katja Lindhorst2
2021 New phenomena in ESR spectra of iron ores from Kryvyi Rih deposit Valentyna Dmytrivna Shvets
2021 Virtual field trip to Late Jurassic Hanifa Formation of the Central Saudi Arabia Pankaj Khanna, Ahmad Ihsan Ramdani, Teyyuba Adigozalova, Gaurav Gariola, Volker Vahrenkamp
2021 The Helmholtz Research Field Earth & Environment DataHub and its NFDI4Earth connection Peter Braesicke1,5, Roland Bertelmann2,5, Jan Bumberger3,5, Sören Lorenz4,5
2021 Starting the recycling engine: how far back in time can we fingerprint crust in Earth’s mantle? Sebastian Tappe1, Katie A. Smart2, Richard A. Stern3
2021 The Yarmouk basin, an essential transboundary water resource Christian Siebert1, E. Shalev2, F. Magri3, P. Möller4, E. Salameh5, T. Rödiger6
2021 Sandbox – Creating and Analysing Synthetic Sediment Sections with R Michael Dietze1, Sebastian Kreutzer2,3, Margret C. Fuchs4
2021 Cliff coast collapses driven by nested biological, astronomical and meteorological activity cycles Michael Dietze, Kristen L. Cook, Luc Illien, Oliver Rach, Niels Hovius
2021 Geothermal Reservoir Characterisation and Probability Analysis of Fractured Media at Grimsel Test Site, Switzerland Selvican Türkdogan1,2, Peter Achtziger1
2021 Groundwater resources in northern Namibia Georg J. Houben
2021 Traded metal scrap, traded alloying elements: A case study of Denmark and implications for circular economy Juan Tan
2021 A profile through ancient fast-spreading oceanic crust in the Wadi Gideah, Oman ophiolite – reference frame for the crustal drillings within the ICDP Oman Drilling Project Jürgen Koepke1, Dieter Garbe-Schönberg2, Dominik Mock1, Samuel Müller2
2021 The educational role of historical mining sights for sustainable use of geological ressources – examples from the UNESCO Global Geopark Bergstraße-Odenwald Jochen Babist, Jutta Weber
2021 From Poverty to Prosperity: The Real Energy Transition Scott W. Tinker
2021 With World-Class Graphite, Pula Proves African Jr's as Innovative & Ethical Influences Mary Stith
2021 Das natürlich geschlossene System (NGS) – Inzidenz der reflexiven und transitiven Eigenschaften in der Geologie Hans Eckhard Offhaus
2021 Geotopes as a tool for geoscience teaching and outreach Anke M. Friedrich
2021 Analysis of continent-scale geological maps Anke M. Friedrich
2021 Molybdenum isotope evidence for forearc mantle recycling at the Tongan subduction zone Qasid Ahmad1, Martin Wille1, Stephan König2, Carolina Rosca2, Angela Hensel1, Thomas Pettke1, Jörg Hermann1
2021 Importance of 3d model management to enable FAIR principles for geological models Paul Gabriel, Daniel Buse, Björn Wieczoreck, Johannes Camin
2021 GEOWiki@LMU – an online platform for university and school education in geosciences Magdalena Luise Plitz1, Katrin Mühlberg1, Donja Aßbichler1, Laurin Lidl1, Malte Junge2, Eileen Eckmeier3
2021 Occurrences and mineralogy of lithium pegmatite in eastern Canada and for example the Georgia Lake pegmatite in more detail Stephan Peters, Florian Lowicki, Ernst-Bernhard Teigler, Torsten Gorka, Florian Beier, Jana Rechner
2021 Relict permafrost features identification in landscape and deposits of Borisoglebsk Upland, Central European Russia Ekaterina V. Garankina1,2, Vasily A. Lobkov1, Ilya G. Shorkunov2, Vladimir R. Belyaev1,2
2021 Virtual Outcrop Models - Chances and Challenges for Geoscience School Education Sylke Hlawatsch
2021 The geological heritage as a tool for education and action for the climate change: Understanding the consequences by studying the Petrified Forest of Lesvos Konstantina Bentana, Nikolaos Zouros, Ilias Valiakos
2021 Turning 80 years of global research on heat flow into a sustainable research data infrastructure Sven Fuchs
2021 Multi-proxy, localised reconstructions of climate and weathering from cave speleothem samples Christopher Day1, Philip Pogge von Strandmann2, Franziska Lechleitner3, Heather Stoll4
2021 VerLaPro – a 3D model of the shallow Paleozoic subsurface in the southern Ruhr Area Dirk Kaufmann1, Christian Rakers1, Bernd Linder1, Stefan Mengede2, Karsten Schaefer2, Daniel Wagener2, Martin Isaac2
2021 NFDI4Earth – addressing the digital needs of Earth System Sciences - A Lars Bernard, Jörg Seegert
2021 Revised and improved geological model of the Waiwera geothermal reservoir, New Zealand Andreas Grafe1,2, Thomas Kempka2,3, Michael Schneider1, Michael Kühn2,3
2021 Mass movements in Germany - contributions to the landslide susceptibility modeling Dirk Balzer, Michael Fuchs, Dirk Kuhn, Jewgenij Torizin
2021 Simulations with numerical model PCSiWaPro® for the infiltration system of treated wastewater on Sardin village, Syria Abdulnaser Aldarir, Peter-Wolfgang Graeber, Ian Desmond Gwiadowski, Rene Blankenburg
2021 Redox conditions during deserpentinization in western Elba Island, Italy Malte Kalter1, Wolfgang Bach2
2021 Sustainable mining of sand and gravel in the UNESCO Global Geopark Harz. Braunschweiger Land. Ostfalen Claus Evers2, Henning Zellmer1
2021 Current use of geological resources under the view of sustainability - examples from the UNESCO Global Geopark Harz . Braunschweiger Land . Ostfalen Henning Zellmer1, Volker Wilde2
2021 The Kieshöhe carbonatites in SW-Namibia – the role of silicatic xenoliths for REE exploration Benjamin Florian Walter1, R. Johannes Giebel2, Alan Marlow3, Michael Marks4, Gregor Markl4, Jochen Kolb1
2021 Depletion, Density, and Deposits through the mantle transition zone (MTZ) Thorsten Joachim Nagel1, Anders Vesterholt1, Christian Schiffer2
2021 The Drosendorf Unit in the Austrian part of the Bohemian Massif: Does it host the oldest rock fragments of Variscan Europe? Martin Lindner1, Etienne Skrzypek2, Christoph Hauzenberger2, Dominik Hauser3, Sabina Steiner3, Fritz Finger2,3
2021 SpannEnD - The crustal stress state of Germany Steffen Ahlers1, Andreas Henk1, Tobias Hergert1, Karsten Reiter1, Birgit Müller2, Luisa Röckel2, Oliver Heidbach3, Sophia Morawietz3, Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth3, Denis Anikiev3
2021 Complex ascent of mantle plumes in a phase-changing world Anders Lillevang Vesterholt, Thorsten J. Nagel
2021 Thermobarometry at extreme conditions - what can possibly go wrong? An example Thorsten Joachim Nagel1, Kathrin Fassmer2
2021 Systematic analysis of precision, long-term stability and data processing of MC-ICP-MS 230Th/U-dating of secondary carbonates Inga Kristina Kerber, Fabian Kontor, Jennifer Arps, René Eichstädter, Sophie Warken, Norbert Frank
2021 The Chico Sill Complex, Northeast New Mexico: A case for late-stage phonolite-carbonatite melt immiscibility Lee S. Potter
2021 Shaping responsible future experts: the need for integrating Geoethics in Geoscience university education Dominic Hildebrandt1,2
2021 Scandium and Rare Earths in Major Rivers in Sweden Franziska Klimpel, Michael Bau
2021 Reassessing evidence of Moon-Earth dynamics: No evidence of shorter lunar months from tidal bundles at 3.2 Ga (Moodies Group, Barberton Greenstone Belt) Christoph E. Heubeck, Tom Eulenfeld
2021 Using Collaborative Augmented Reality to improve Communication of 3D Geological Concepts in Education Björn Wieczoreck
2021 The Zagros Mountain Front Flexure in Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Structural style and Late Pleistocene-Holocene Fault Slip Rates Derived from Structural Modeling and Luminescence Dating of River Terraces Mjahid Zebari1,2, Frank Preusser3, Christoph Grützner1, Payman Navabpour1, Kamil Ustaszewski1
2021 Geoscience Education for the Young Generation: mileko - The Mineralogical Science Kit Maria Mrosko1, Lennart A. Fischer2, Lutz Hecht3, Bastian Joachim-Mrosko1, Malte Junge4, Gilla Simon5, Roland Stalder1
2021 Burggraf-Bernsdorf – transformation of a potassium mine to a UGS facility Hagen Feldrappe
2021 MINTELL4EU; the European Minerals Yearbook Eimear Deady1, Špela Kumelj2, Lisbeth Flindt Jørgensen3
2021 Subduction Dynamics and Rheology Control on Forearc and Backarc Subsidence: Numerical Models and Observations from the Mediterranean Attila Balazs1, Claudio Faccenna2, Taras Gerya1, Kosuke Ueda1, Francesca Funiciello2
2021 Industrial revolution 4.1 - Critical raw materials and their role in the shift towards renewable energy generation and e-mobility Ernst Bernhard Teigler, Stephan Peters, Torsten Gorka
2021 OneGeochemistry: Enabling a coordinated online global network of multiple distributed geochemical repositories and databases Kerstin Annette Lehnert1, Lesley Wyborn2, Dominik Hezel3, Alexander Prent4, Kirsten Elger5, Geertje ter Maat6, Marthe Klöcking7, Jens Klump8
2021 FloodRisk: Observations of rising mine water level and micro seismicity in the eastern Ruhr area (Germany) Martina Rische, Kasper David Fischer, Wolfgang Friederich
2021 Significance of epidosite alteration for seafloor sulphide deposits and for fluid fluxes through the oceanic crust Larryn William Diamond, Samuel Weber, Peter Alt-Epping, Alannah Brett
2021 Critical Raw Materials for the Energy Transition Kathryn Goodenough
2021 Development of a fluid treatment strategy to enable combined raw material and freshwater recovery from geothermal fluids Valentin Goldberg1, Daniel Winter2, Fabian Nitschke1, Diego Morata3, Joachim Koschikowski2, Thomas Kohl1
2021 Stromatolitic microorganisms in and on top of fluid-escape structures of the 3.2 Ga Moodies Group Sebastian Reimann1, Christoph Heubeck1, Martin Homann2, Deon Johannes Janse van Rensburg1, Michael Wiedenbeck3
2021 Rock slope failures along the Forkastningsfjellet coastline, Svalbard: characteristics and implications for controlling and triggering factors Dirk Kuhn1, Jewgenij Torizin1, Michael Fuchs1, Reginald Hermanns2, Tim Redfield2, Dirk Balzer1
2021 Analysis of surface displacements caused by mine flooding for the project FloodRisk with SAR Interferometry, GNSS and Levelling Markus Even1, Malte Westerhaus1, Daniel Schröder2
2021 Sequence stratigraphy of the Moodies Group (3.2 Ga), Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa Deon J. Janse van Rensburg, Christoph Heubeck, Sebastian Reimann
2021 The data publication chain of the EPOS Multi-scale Laboratories Geertje ter Maat, the MSL Team
2021 The fate of crustal xenoliths in carbonatite dykes of the Gross Brukkaros, Namibia Rebecca Ruwe1, R. Johannes Giebel2,3, Benjamin F. Walter1
2021 Differences in decompression of the high-pressure Cycladic Blueschist Unit (Naxos Island, Greece): what can inclusions tell us? Alexandre Peillod1, Jarosław Majka2,3, Uwe Ring4, Kirsten Drüppel5, Clifford Patten1, Andreas Karlsson6, Adam Włodek3, Elof Tehler4
2021 Closely-spaced carbonate replacement veins: the influence of external stress on focused fluid flow during carbonation of peridotite Manuel D. Menzel1, Janos L. Urai1, Estibalitz Ukar2
2021 LI@Geo.X - A Laboratory Infrastructure Search Portal for the Geo.X Network Manja Luzi-Helbing1,2, Christopher Hamann3, Kirsten Elger2, Damian Ulbricht2, Florian Ott2, Marc Hanisch2, Nils Brinckmann2, Hannes Fuchs2, Hildegard Gödde1,2, Roland Bertelmann4, Lutz Hecht3,5
2021 Decoupled dust deposition and ocean productivity in the Antarctic Zone of the Southern Ocean over the past 1.5 million years Michael E. Weber1, Ian Bailey2, Sidney R. Hemming3, Yasmina M. Martos4,5, Brendan T. Reilly6, Thomas A. Ronge7, Stefanie Brachfeld8, Trevor Williams9, Maureen Raymo3, Simon T. Belt10, Lukas Smik10, Hendrik Vogel11, Victoria Peck12, Linda Armbrecht13, Alix Cage14, Fabricio G. Cardillo15, Zhiheng Du16, Gerson Fauth17, Christopher J. Fogwill14,18, Marga Garcia19,20, Marlo Garnsworthy21, Anna Glüder22, Michelle Guitard23, Marcus Gutjahr24, Iván Hernández-Almeida25, Frida S. Hoem26, Ji-Hwan Hwang27, Mutsumiq Iizuka28, Yuji Kato29, Bridget Kenlee30, Suzanne OConnell31, Lara F. Pérez12, Osamu Seki32, Lee Stevens33, Lisa Tauxe6, Shubham Tripathi34, Jonathan Warnock35, Xufeng Zheng36
2021 Structural modelling of Agbada (Tertiary) sandstone reservoirs in “Atled Creek”, Onshore Niger Delta, Nigeria Olajide Jonathan Adamolekun1, Benjamin Busch1, Idongesit Akwaowoh2, Michael P. Suess3, Christoph Hilgers1
2021 Combined Fluorescence Imaging and LA-ICP-MS Trace Element Mapping ofStalagmites: Microfabric identification and interpretation Jakub Sliwinski1, Heather Stoll2
2021 Preservation of the geological and industrial heritage of a post-mining landscape by the example of the glacial Muskau Arch Kersten Löwen
2021 A key option to transfer geosciences – relate geoheritage to fun Marie-Luise Frey1, Christine Hogefeld2, Pascal Schmitz3, Klaudia Wolf4
2021 Digital field methods in geoscience education and outreach Gösta Hoffmann, Valeska Decker, Sabine Kummer, Edouard Grigowski, Rosalie Kunkel
2021 Re-mining as remediation method for critical metals (Be and W) in historical skarn tailings Lina Hällström
2021 Cave monitoring of La Vallina Cave (NISA): Imprint of seasonality on δ13CDIC, δ18O and trace elements and the implications for speleothems Oliver Kost1, Saul Gonzalez Lemos2, Laura Endres1, Heather Stoll1
2021 Source of metals in ultramafic-hosted VMS deposits: insight from the Troodos ophiolite and ODP Hole 735B Clifford Patten1, Malte Junge2, Alexandre Peillod1
2021 Open-source and open data: combining both worlds for optimised decision making in geological subsurface models Florian Wellmann1, Miguel de la Varga2, Alexander Jüstel3
2021 Novel Mantle flow retrodictions reveal preferential material flow in the sublithospheric European mantle Hans-Peter Bunge1, Siavash Ghelichkhan2, Jens Oeser1
2021 Evolution and Modeling of the Carbonate-Clastic Permian system in the Jeffara Basin, Central Tunisia Christos Kougioulis1, Pierre-Olivier Bruna1, Allard Willem Martinius1, Ahmed Nasri2, Ghofrane Laouini2,3, Giovanni Bertotti1
2021 Release of beryllium (Be) and tungsten (W) from historical mine tailings and the environmental impact on epilithic water diatoms in downstream surface water Lina Hällström
2021 The effect of Co substitution and sample preparation on the Raman spectra of pyrite Khulan Berkh, Dieter Rammlmair
2021 Host influenced geochemical signature in the parasitic foraminifer Hyrrokkin sarcophaga Nicolai Schleinkofer1,2, David Evans1,2, Max Wisshak3, Janina Vanessa Büscher4,5, Jens Fiebig1,2, André Freiwald3, Sven Härter1, Horst Marschall1,2, Silke Voigt1,2, Jacek Raddatz1,2
2021 Uncertainty and risk analysis in basin and stratigraphic modelling: the response surface approach Samer Bou Daher, Alcide Thebault
2021 Cyclic loading of magnetite bearing rocks: modifications of structure, magnetic and elastic properties Helena Fuchs, Boris Reznik, Agnes Kontny, Frank Schilling
2021 Recurrent continent-scale hiatus surfaces in Europe and links to upper mantle flow Berta Vilacís, Jorge N. Hayek, Hans-Peter Bunge, Anke M. Friedrich, Sara Carena
2021 Curating data and samples in the long-tail - tools and examples from GFZ Data Services Kirsten Elger, Florian Ott
2021 Half-precession signals in Lake Ohrid and their spatial and temporal connection to proxy records in the European realm Arne Ulfers1, Christian Zeeden1, Silke Voigt2, Wonik Thomas1
2021 Review of the European Lithium resources Blandine Gourcerol, Eric Gloaguen, Romain Millot, Jérémie Melleton, Bernard Sanjuan
2021 Numerical modelling of seasonal underground hydrogen storage in a saline aquifer Alvaro Sainz-Garcia, Fidel Grandia, Elena Abarca, Jordi Bruno
2021 Geochemical control of hydraulic and mechanical reservoir sandstone properties Maria Wetzel1, Thomas Kempka1,2, Michael Kühn1,2
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