Titel: GisInfoService – A Web Application of German Aggregates Associations for their Members Dagmar Kesten

Dagmar Kesten

Industrieverband Steine und Erden (ISTE), Germany

Veranstaltung: GeoKarlsruhe 2021

Datum: 2021

DOI: 10.48380/dggv-m10f-e597

More than 15 years ago the geographical information system GisInfoService was implemented as part of the project ‚GeoRohstoff‘ of the former Commission for Spatial Information Economics (GIW-Kommission). Sponsored by the German Aggregates Associations the purpose of this web application has ever since been to provide the companies of the quarrying industry with relevant spatial information, such as aerial photography, geological and hydrological data or information about land use or conservation areas. Fast access to these facts is fundamental not only for planning processes but also for everyday tasks and the quick generation of maps for presentations.

GisInfoService makes use of the infrastructure for spatial information that has been built up in the last one and a half decades. It integrates official data by means of web map services published by public authorities (e.g. land surveying offices or geological surveys). If required, there is the option to expand the mere web viewer of GisInfoService by combining it with a data warehouse that contains operational data such as quarry development plans or information on land property, lease, contractual terms or quarry permits.

Presenting the geoportal GisInfoService should give an example how geoscientific data and other public sector information is used by German quarrying companies and their associations for their purposes.

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