Titel: The Kohlenkalk of the Rhenohercynian Basin: a hydrothermal reservoir for North Rhine-Westphalia and North-West Europe

Martin Arndt, Tobias Fritschle, Martin Salamon & Anna Thiel

Geological Survey of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Veranstaltung: Abstract GeoUtrecht2020

Datum: 2020

DOI: 10.48380/dggv-0khe-3a28

The transnational EU-Interreg-funded “Roll-out of Deep Geothermal Energy in North-West Europe” (DGE-ROLLOUT) project aims to reduce CO2 emissions following a multi-disciplinary geoscientific approach, and promotes the use of hydrothermal energy as a future-oriented, climate and environmentally friendly resource.

During mid-Palaeozoic times, marine transgressive-regressive cycles enabled the development of extensive reef complexes on the southerly continental shelf of the Laurussian palaeocontinent, whose remainders now make up large parts of the Rhenohercynian Basin. Amongst others, the up to several hundred meters thick Dinantian Kohlenkalk Group was formed.

Ort: Germany

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