Titel: Subsurface data availability: benchmarking data access arrangements in several Western European countries

Eline Van Malderen (1) & Guido Hoetz (2)

KU Leuven, Belgium (1); KU Leuven, Belgium (2)

Veranstaltung: Abstract GeoUtrecht2020

Datum: 2020

DOI: 10.48380/dggv-eywc-0083

During the current energy transition, understanding our deep subsurface appears more important than ever. Traditional energy resources such as oil and gas might remain dominant in coming years but are also becoming more controversial and more difficult to exploit. With the rising trend of geothermal energy, our geological resources remain pivotal in supplying tomorrows clean energy. With a treasure of subsurface data being gathered in past generations, good access to this data is crucial. However, for many people, including geoscientists, it is not well known what subsurface data is publicly accessible. Moreover, as geology does not stop at boundaries and studies might want to include cross border data, understanding what information is available transnationally is valuable. For this, a full assessment of data access arrangements in several Western European countries (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway and United Kingdom) managing deep subsurface data has been made.

Ort: Europe

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