Trier University – Faculty VI - Regional and Environmental Sciences

The geology group is part of the Faculty of Regional and Environmental Sciences. The BSc- and MSc-programs are highly interdisciplinary and include, besides of geology, for example soil science, hydrology, physical geography, meteorology, and many other disciplines.
Geology at the Trier University covers aspects of applied geology, as well as basic research in clay mineralogy and sedimentary climate archives. The group also works on regional geological aspects (Mosel, Eifel, Luxembourg). Further research is conducted in Patagonia (Chile).

Currently, the geology group addresses the following topics:

  • landfill and contaminated sites (Wagner)
  • waste disposal technique / polluted site remediation (Wagner)
  • engineering geology (Wagner)
  • hydrogeology (Wagner)
  • clay mineralogy (Wagner)
  • quaternary geology (Kilian)
  • paleoclimate reconstruction / marine, speleothem and lake climate records (Kilian)
  • geomagnetics and remote sensing (Kilian)


Analytical equipment:

  • soil mechanics: oedometer, shear box, ring shear apparatus, lysimeter, tensiometer, 4 outdoor test fields with irrigation system, drilling equipment
  • geochemistry: atomic absorption spectrometer, ion chromatograph, spectral photometer
  • sedimentology: x-ray diffractometer, infrared emission analyzer, scanning electron microscope

Degrees:BSc Umweltgeowissenschaften MSc Prozessdynamik an der ErdoberflächeMSc Environmental Sciences


Prof. Dr. Jean-Frank Wagner
Universität Trier

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