TU Darmstadt – Institute of Applied Geosciences

At the Institute of Applied Geosciences one working group has its focus in sedimentary geology: Applied Sedimentology (Hinderer/Hornung/Lenz).

Currently the following research topics are covered in Darmstadt

  • Continental sedimentary systems
  • Earth surface processes and sediment budget
  • Palaeolimnology and palaeoclimate
  • Volcaniclastic rocks
  • Reservoir characterisation and aquifer sedimentology
  • Hydrochemical processes and soil erosion at catchment scale

Analytical equipment in the field of sedimentary geology

  • Ground penetrating radar
  • Shear wave seismics
  • Gamma spectrometer
  • Portable XRF
  • Laboratory for porosity and permeability measurements
  • Laboratory for palynological sample preparation

Regional focus of sedimentary geology research Central Europe, Alps, East Africa, Mexico, NW China, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Canary Islands  


Study offer

B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Applied GeosciencesM.Sc. in Tropical Hydrogeology, Engineering Geology, and Environmental Management (TropHEE) 



Ground penetrating radar; Porosity, permeability, spectral gamma ray and magnetic susceptibility measurements; Palynological analysis; Multivariate statistical analysis and time series analysis


Prof. Dr. Matthias Hinderer        
Institut für Angewandte Geowissenschaften     
TU Darmstadt    

Context Column

Sediment logging, Lake Albert, Uganda


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