The section Hydrogeology e.V. within DGGV e.V. (FH-DGGV e.V.) is an interdisciplinary syndicate of sciences, authorities and industry that are all dealing with aspects of hydrogeology.

The FH-DGGV is aiming to promote the knowledge transfer from research institutions to practitioners, while at the same time sparking interest of the general public in hydrogeology.

The Section’s topics are:

  • Prospecting of drinking water, industrial water, thermal water, mineral water, and spa water
  • Developing of concepts for an environmentally friendly use of groundwater
  • Drawing up of scientific methods to protect groundwater
  • Scientific debate about scouting and renovation concepts of groundwater remediation

The section’s services include:

  • Organization of conferences on current hydrogeological issues
  • Forum for discussion of hydrogeological research results
  • Publishing of “Groundwater” (“Grundwasser”, German-speaking journal)
  • Working groups by members for members
  • Workshops and seminars

At present, the FH-DGGV includes the following working groups:

Information on the activities and members of these working groups can be found within the respective groups:

  • Geothermal energy
  • Geothermal modelling
  • Pit water
  • Hydrogeology of arid regions
  • Calibration and predictive power of groundwater models
  • Pumping tests

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