Title: IRIS Online (Interactive Raw Materials Information System) of Austria

Piotr Lipiarski (1), Leopold Weber (2), Albert Schedl (1) & Heinz Reitner (1),

Geological Survey of Austria, Austria (1); Former head of minerals policy department of the Federal Ministry of Economy, Vienna, Austria (2)

Event: Abstract GeoUtrecht2020

Date: 2020

DOI: 10.48380/dggv-s498-ss92

The new Austrian digital Interactive Raw Materials Information System IRIS Online allows to display geological, tectonical, geochemical, aerogeophysical maps, maps of metamorphic events, mineral deposits / occurrences a.s.o. simultaneously. The database comprises more than 5700 entries of Austrian mineral deposits / occurrences and more than 17.000 references. Special queries (groups of minerals, deposits, geochemical anomalies a.s.o.) are possible. The mineral deposits/occurrences are subdivided into appr. 200 metallogenetic districts (mineral deposits / occurrences within a clearly defined tectonic unit, a specific stratigraphic or facies unit, characterised by both similar shape and mineral content of the individual deposits / occurrences).

One of the main targets of the staff of the Geological Survey was to design the IRIS database and a user friendly operability using ESRI ArcGIS Online application. Furthermore, the Geological Survey implemented the definitions of the metallogenetic districts and mineral commodities into their thesaurus.

: Austria

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