Title: Roots of the post-collisional Eocene magmatism in NE Turkey: Insights from ultramafic-mafic Yıldızdağ Gabbroic Intrusion

Gönenç Göçmengil (1), Zekiye Karacık (2) & Namık Aysal (3)

(1) Acıbadem, Kadıköy, İstanbul-Turkey; (2) İstanbul Teknik University, Geological Engineering Department, Turkey ; (3) Istanbul University- Cerrahpaşa, Geological Engineering Department, Turkey

Event: Abstract

Date: 2020

DOI: 10.48380/DGGV-9XYN-7P20

Ultramafic-mafic cumulate rocks often situated at deep root zones of the magmatic systems when they intruded into continental crustal areas. In rare occurrences, they can also intrude at the middle to upper portion of the crust and record the MASH processes developed within the crust. Yıldızdağ Gabbroic Intrusion (YGI) represents one of the rare occurrences of the middle Eocene post-collisional magmatism in Turkey that record the storage of a shallow seated cumulate mush.

: Turkey

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