Title: Sustainable mining of sand and gravel in the UNESCO Global Geopark Harz. Braunschweiger Land. Ostfalen

Claus Evers2, Henning Zellmer1

1Geopark Harz, Braunschweiger Land, Ostfalen, Germany; 2Evers & Co GmbH

Event: GeoKarlsruhe 2021

Date: 2021

DOI: 10.48380/dggv-dyq4-rs82

The company Evers und Co GmbH operates two gravel plants in Süpplingen and Uhry / Helmstedt district and thus produces various sands and gravel, topsoil, mineral mixtures and concrete aggregates, among other things. It is also active in the recycling sector, e.g. producing recycled mineral mixtures. An important aspect of sustainability is that the unconsolidated rock for construction work in the region has only short transport routes. This saves massive amounts of CO2. The yield from the extracted unconsolidated rock is already over 90%. Attempts with sludge recovery, filtering and drying are currently being worked on to process and also use the unused residue from quartz powder and clay minerals. During processing, as much process water as possible is treated and reused. After mining, the pit areas are either directly used as lakes or succession areas for nature conservation or recultivated as farm land.

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