Title: Petrophysical Evaluation of Nubian Sandstone Reservoir Sarir Field - Southeast Sirt Basin

Reema Omar Mohammed

Ajdabiya University, Libya

Event: GeoUtrecht2020

Date: 2020

DOI: 10.48380/dggv-6129-yp88

The work was carried out to evaluate the petrophysical characteristics of Nubian sandstone in Sarir field. The data used in this study were mainly wire-line logs from three wells (D11-BLK9, D13-BLK9 and D14-BLK9).

The aim of this study is to do the formation evaluation using petrophysical parameters from wire-line logs in order to determine lithology, porosity, permeability and fluid saturation and to understand the importance of the analysis and distribution of petrophysical properties on reservoir and predict oil recovery.

In this work, Interactive Petrophysics (V3.4) software was used to perform a solid computation of petrophysical properties and then give summaries of the results.

It is important to identify properly the lithology and the reservoir to allow an accurate petrophysical calculation of porosity, water saturation and permeability.

The determination of lithology based on cross-plot neutron versus density log was important step to come up with the reservoir petrophysical properties. The quality of the reservoir is determined by set the cut-off values of the petrophysical properties and describe the change in lithologies.

It worth to mention that, the presence of shale in the entire reservoir influenced negatively in the quality of the reservoir and net pay values. The petrophysical properties of the reservoir in Sarir oil field are good enough to permit hydrocarbon production.

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