Title: Virtual Fieldtrips in Shell Learning and Development: Carbonates in Oman

Mia Steenwinkel (1) & Young Kon Yong (2)

Rock-It Geological Consultancy and Training, Hombeek, Belgium (1); Shell, The Netherlands (2)

Event: Abstract GeoUtrecht2020

Date: 2020

DOI: 10.48380/dggv-g1k6-wn98

Training courses in the industry are changing from face-to-face events to virtual equivalents. Although real-life field experience is missing in virtual trips, the main benefit is the availability of online training where and when needed, without travel and logistics costs.

Acquiring 3D panoramic images for this purpose, as well as drone footage in geological outcrops, has nowadays become more and more accessible and easy to process, due to fast developments in hard- and software during the last decade. This has triggered the creation of virtual fieldtrips, mainly for training and development, but also for knowledge management and project support via difficult to access outcrop analogues.

Virtual outcrop stops have been created, in which the learner can interactively gain knowledge about the geology and conduct exercises, almost like what would traditionally be done at the outcrop stops during a field visit.

Carbonates in Oman were selected for the second virtual fieldtrip in Shell L and D, as they provide essential learning points for understanding carbonate reservoirs, applicable to many of the oil fields in Oman and the Middle East. The short videos presented here are part of a basic training set for geoscientists who follow the Shell Geosciences Training Programme, which is supported by a set of “learning nuggets” to complement the experience and understanding.

: Oman

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