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19.04.2022 - TU Delft -  PhD Position Basin-scale geology of the Paleozoic of the south-eastern Netherlands and surroundings

Are you eager to work in a multi-disciplinary project and team to reconstruct the Paleozoic geology of SE Netherlands for Einstein Telescope installation?

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The Einstein telescope is an advanced gravitational-wave observatory aiming to shed new light on the nature of black holes and neutron stars as well as the first moments after the Big Bang and so to study the cosmos as never before. The project is currently in a planning stage and the border region of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany is considered as a possible location. The telescope consists of km-long tunnels and large caverns that will be constructed 200-300 meters below the land surface. This makes it essential to characterize the subsurface in the targeted region as part of the site survey. More information...

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