Benefits for members

Membership pays off!

Members of DGGV have free online access to International Journal of Earth Sciences (IJES) or to German Journal of Geology (ZDGG). Printed versions of IJES and ZDGG are available for members at reduced prizes (22 Euro each jorunal). The online version of a second journal is available for members by additional 20 € (for further details, see the membership rate).

Members of DGGV also receive a free copy of GMit (Geowissenschaftliche Mitteilungen), a quarterly printed journal, which publishes news and information not only about DGGV and DGGV sections but also from several other German geoscientific societies. GMit also includes news and information from geological surveys, Universities, student representatives, economy and museums. It further presents book reviews, a conference calendar, and information about staff. Contributions from members are welcome.

Further advantages of a DGGV membership are:

  • Reduced prizes for English publications from Springer
  • Reduced conference fees for DGGV annual meetings
  • Financial support of students for participation on conferences, field trips, and compact
    courses of DGGV (in cases of sufficient means)
  • Discount for GSA publications and conference fee for GSA annual meeting

Due to the strengthened cooperation between DGGV and Deutsche Mineralogische Gesellschaft (DMG), individual members of DGGV and DMG are offered a Joint Membership in both societies at reduced fees. The entire fee is 50,00 € for students and 115,00 € for regular members. This fee includes all entitlements of both societies. DGGV members have online access to both the  European Journal of Mineralogy (EJM) and to International Journal of Earth Sciences (IJES) or German Journal of Geology (ZDGG). The printed versions are available by paying additional 29 € for EJM and 22 € for IJES and for ZDGG, respectively.

The DGGV-DMG joint membership further includes free copies of GMit and Elements.

Become a member! 


Annual General Assembly

Members are invited to participate in the General Assemly of DGGV during the annual meetings commonly hold in September or October. New results of geoscientific research is presented in form of talks, posters, workshops and field trips. You are invited to present your new results to an international audience. The best contributions of junior scientists are awarded at the end of the meeting.  

Bonus for students

The conference fee of the annual meetings is reduced for students. Further support for students is possible concerning costs for travelling.


Do you have further questions?

Please contact DGGV management.

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