Leopold von Buch Gravesite

Leopold von Buch (* 26. April 1774 Stolpe an der Oder, † 4. März 1853 in Berlin) is regarded as one of the most famous geologists of the 19th century. Together with Alexander von Humboldt he belongs to the 13 founding fathers of the former Deutsche Geologische Gesellschaft (DGG) and thus of the recent DGGV. Leopold von Buch was the first president of DGG.

The managing and advisory board of our society decided to acquire and rebuilt the gravesite of Leopold von Buch and to establish it as a memorial place.

DGGV established a special account for donations and external foundations for the Leopold-von-Buch gravesite.

Please, help us by a donation or external foundation to establish and preserve this important memorial place.

More information: Spendenbrief 2013/12 (in German).

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