A Statement to Ukraine on behalf of EuroGeoSurveys.

" In these dark days, EuroGeoSurveys stands with our Ukrainian colleagues, our hearts open. We look with anguish at the terrible cost on Ukrainian and Russian lives, now and to come. Ours is an organization built on trust, freedom, mutual respect. In the spirit of the unity embodied in the collaboration between our Geological Surveys of Europe, we look united toward an end to war, a future where diplomacy prevails, where the integrity of life is valued, and where we look to each other not as enemies, but as brothers and sisters, friends, and colleagues."
EuroGeoSurveys President Prof Dr Ralph Watzel.



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Erdölförderung im Emsland

Erdölförderung im Emsland (Foto: Wintershall Holding GmbH)